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We provide a complete range of tree surgery services in the Whitefield area including:

  • Tree Felling – the removal of your trees by sections or straight felling
  • Tree Removal – the removal of your trees, cut to agreed levels (does not include stump removal)
  • Tree Pruning – the pruning by various techniques including thinning and shaping
  • Stump Grinding – the removal of tree stumps by use of a stump grinder
  • Stump Removal – the removal of a stump and back filling to a level surface
  • Ivy Removal – the removal of ivy from structures and trees
  • Tree Pollarding – the heavy pruning for certain tree species
  • Crown Reduction – the reduction of the crown by an agreed percentage or length (example 25% or 1 mtr)
  • Tree Planting – the advise on tree species, positioning and the required planting conditions
  • Emergency Tree Work – the removal of storm damaged, fallen or dangerous trees
  • Cutting Back – the removal of branches infringing over properties boundaries
  • Dead Wooding – the removal of potentially dangerous dead wood from trees
  • Tree Surveys – the assessment of tree health by a qualified professional and the ongoing management of trees


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